Rice Bran Oil:

It is truly “The World’s Healthiest” edible oil, containing vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and trans fat free. It’s not just delicate and flavorful, it can help lower cholesterol, fight diseases, enhance the immune system, fight free radicals and more. Rice Bran Oil is extremely light, versatile and delicious.

Olive oil reduces the of risk of cardiovascular diseases:

In those Mediterranean countries where olive oil is consumed a lot, (such as Greece, Italy, and Spain), there is a low incidence of cardiovascular disease. The mild vegetable mucilage in olive oil helps protect your body’s digestive tract.

Olive oil has shown beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis:

Using olive oil as main dressing oil helps preventing constipation and in general maintains the digestive tract in good health.

Olive oil helps to reduce blood pressure:

A study was done in 2002 that showed that Virgin Olive Oil might help with lowering cholesterol. (See: Effects of an onion-olive oil maceration product containing essential ingredients of the Mediterranean diet on blood pressure and blood fluidity). The results? After one week of taking olive oil daily (minus any “good foods and drinks… or fatty foods), the blood tests showed that the participants had higher levels of phenol and Vitamin E in their bodies. The study shows you how powerful olive oil can be and how it can help control healthy cholesterol levels.

Olive oil eases or prevents diabetes:

Olive oil provides a diet high in monounsaturated fat. Researchers in Spain published an article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in September 2003 has shown calorie-controlled diabetic diets high in monounsaturated fat do not cause weight gain and are more pleasing to eat than low-fat diets.

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