Gluten, Canola and Soy Free Granola!

We just have a passion for truly healthy foods! Pure Blend uses only earth’s pure and simple ingredients like thick rolled oats, olive and rice oils, flaxseeds and organic chocolate nibs. Loaded with anti-oxidants and omega 3 & 6, the combination of such natural and organic foods are not just amazing for you, they taste amazing together!


Gluten, Canola and Soy Free Granola!

Real Results From Actual Taste Tests...

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Oh my gosh, I love it! This is way better than Bear Naked, and I’ve been buying it for years.

– Sandra D.

I couldn’t believe how great it tasted, since it’s 100% natural ingredients and healthy for you. I’m a believer!

– Andrew Mason

The granola you gave me last week is phenomenal to say the least.  I had it on greek yogurt with a little maple syrup and fresh organic strawberries.  YUM!

– Armanda